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PAXIV is leading the charge in revolutionizing commercial real estate practices. Paxiv's exclusive platform introduces alternative solutions for sourcing, financing, acquiring, and selling both land and existing assets. For the first time, CRE is successfully being brought to the 21st Century.

Our CRE Solutions

Paxiv encourages seamless connections between Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Owners, Developers, and Capital through an exclusive, secure, and thoroughly vetted network. Additionally, our platform empowers both individuals and groups to engage in B2B transacting, encompassing buying, selling, and trading activities. Discover below the comprehensive solutions Paxiv  offers to address the multifaceted needs of principals in the CRE industry.

B2B Network

Join the exclusive network dedicated solely to CRE owners and developers. Every member undergoes thorough vetting and qualification before acceptance, ensuring a community of trusted professionals.
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GIS & Mapping

Access all your GIS and mapping requirements in one streamlined platform. Paxiv's engineers have curated all essential information such as parcel data, ownership details, zoning regulations, and more, ensuring a user-friendly experience while removing a need for any additional platforms.
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By utilizing PAXIV's AI chatbot functionality, you will forever streamline the property search process, gain valuable insights, and enjoy an enhanced user experience.PAXIV AI is designed to simplify and optimize the search for properties, making it more efficient and user-friendly for our members.
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Acquisition & Disposition

Members now have the opportunity to trade commercial real estate in innovative ways within an exclusive network of top-tier buyers, sellers, developers, and capital providers. This platform offers unparalleled efficiency in B2B transactions within the CRE sector, conserving valuable time and resources for all parties involved.
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Our Members consist of some of the most prestigious in the Industry.

How does PAXIV compare?


PAXIV, designed by developers for developers, prioritizes privacy. Your data remains confidential, never used or shared without your explicit permission.


PAXIV operates without brokerage fees or commissions. Our subscription model is tailored to save you time and money through seamless B2B transactions.


PAXIV’s development team continually enhances our platform with a singular focus: serving you better. If you want it, we will build it.


PAXIV leverages proprietary data to pinpoint opportunities that precisely match your criteria. Our system will verify each requirement before delivering tailored results to ensure they meet your needs accurately.


PAXIV is your final destination, designed to empower owners and developers with the control they deserve. With our comprehensive platform, we strive to fulfill all your needs in one centralized location.


PAXIV is dedicated to maintaining its platform as an exclusive offering. We invite and accept members who meet our qualifications, strictly excluding intermediaries from accessing the platform.

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